Cone / Surround Assemblies

Pasting of cone and surround has an enormous impact on a loudspeaker’s quality. The selection of the „right“ adhesive is no less important than a precise preparation of the parts before pasting.

Many of our customers value our specific know-how and buy our cone / surround assemblies. Thus they reduce sources of trouble and complexity in their own production and reap the benefits of single sourcing.

DKM uses contact adhesive, cyan acrylates or high-frequency adhesive systems with high oscillation resistance. The optimum balancing between the adhesive’s dynamic characteristics and the cone and surround materials used for the specific application is very important.

Occasionally the damping features of an adhesive can be used to influence the dynamic behaviour of the interface positively. Depending on the quantity the pasting is an automated process with very reasonable costs. According to the customer requirements DKM can assemble all material combinations used for cones and surrounds.