Commonly the suspension is one of the most stressed parts of a loudspeaker. It is used to limit the inductorís oscillation and the loudspeakerís excursion without affecting the oscillationís linearity.

DKM suspensions consist of polyester-cotton composites, polyacrylic or special materials with grammages from 70 up to 300 g/sq.m. At the internal diameter, i.e. near the inductor, its strong heat resistance in particular is advantageous.

Fabric materials are cut, impregnated and formed by DKM. Depending the application the suspensionís stiffness is controlled by the resin quantity. As the mechanical strenght of DKMís suspensions is outstanding and the relevant material characteristics (elastic modulus, stiffness) are exactly reproducible, unpleasant surprises can be avoided.

DKM has a wide range of tools at its disposal, so that according to the specific customer requirements various design variations of plane and bowl suspensions can be produced.